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Here is a little about me...

I am an Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). I have 25 years experience as a counsellor working with all kinds of relationships and a wide range of personal problems. I see both individuals as well as couples. I offer you the chance to talk and think about the problem you are experiencing. Together we can explore these difficulties in more depth and develop a better understanding of why your usual coping strategies aren’t working so well. The process will enable you to find a different way of managing the issue that feels better for you. I work in a quiet, private room where you can feel safe and comfortable.

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Work towards problem soliving

Do we come as a couple or should I come on my own? If your problem seems to be about personal difficulties that might suggest you’d be best coming on your own. If the problem seems more about your relationship then coming together with your partner might be the way you choose to start. But it is fine if you decide to begin by discussion your ideas first alone. There is no right way. Sometimes problems arise in other relationships too, with work colleagues or family members, or maybe the problem seems to relate to something for you from your past. Whatever the problem, if you are unsure, we can talk about that beforehand to decide how best to start. I work mainly, face to face.

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Counselling Treatments based around your needs

I run a busy mixed private practice here on the borders of Mid-Wales and Shropshire. People come from about a 50 mile radius to see me. My clients either refer themselves to me for help, sometimes a nurse or GP or other health professional might refer you to me. Many clients come from previous client recommendations. Some of my work comes through Employment Assistance Providers, (counselling through work). The counselling I offer is mainly working face to face although in particular circumstances telephone sessions might be an option.

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Proven results, time after time

To explain my way of working, my theoretical approach, it might help you to know that I use both conscious ideas and those less in your awareness, to think about your problem with you. Looking at how the past influences what goes on in the here and now. For those interested to enquire, this includes Psychodynamic and Systemic work. Our conversations are designed to find new ways of looking at things including how you tend to fit in with your world and how you live amongst the people you find yourself with. I call that your ‘context’. We work together to help you reach a better understanding of the problem, to encourage and enable you to see things differently. Once you have a better understanding of you and the problem, new solutions begin to emerge. I don’t give advice, or tell anyone what to do. I work to open up a conversation with you to enable you to find your own solution. I do enjoy my work and feel deeply privileged to share in the courageous journeys many choose to make en-route to making changes in their lives.

BACP Registered