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Telephone Counselling and Individual Counselling


The counselling I offer is private and confidential. This means that I will not normally share any information from or about you with anyone else. The information I hold about each of my clients and the counselling they receive, I hold in confidence However there are certain exceptions where I may, either ethically or legally be required to provide certain information to relevant authorities, for example, particularly if a child, was considered to be at risk of serious harm. Other than where I would legally be obliged to do so, this would be managed wherever possible with your consent and only then to a relevant party. (e.g. your GP)

Violence and Abuse are issues for some people who come for counselling. Where there is cause for concern with regard to this issue, then working with both partners together may not be regarded as a safe option. Further assessment will be required to assess the best way forward. If couple counselling is contra-indicated, I endeavour to help each person to get the individual specialist support that would be appropriate.

In line with best professional practice, I receive regular clinical supervision where I discuss casework in a way in which my clients are not identified.

Brief essential records, contact details and concise factual summaries are kept for the purpose of managing a professional service only and are the property of the Counselling Service. These are handled in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and are kept for a maximum of 12 months after the end of any work, when they are securely destroyed..

Any request by a client or his/her appointed representative, for records of attendance or for sessional summaries must be made in writing. Such copy will be dealt with in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will only be released on receipt of specific written authority and once payment as been received.